I’ve seen great deal of folks making different types of flags, and they are cool aren’t getting me incorrect, but I became interested in something a little out from the ordinary.

i needed my banner to truly have the look it was waving into the wind. With this project, the ArborTech was used by me turbo air plane accessory that continues on an angle grinder, but it is perhaps not essential if you do not occur to obtain one. In reality, there is a number of various techniques that one could use to obtain the same effect therefore simply because you do not have exactly the same tools that i may be utilizing, do not compose this project off as one thing you cannot do. We highly recommend watching the embedded movie to get an idea that is good of each step of the process requires. There is only so much I’m able to convey through still images and a video clip with voice over can paint a better photo often. Without further ado, why don’t we get going!

Step : Components & Tools