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Acw naval wargaming

28mm Napoleonic Naval 28mm Westphalian Napoleonic 28mm Napoleonic Saxon 28mm Napoleonic Accessories 28mm ACW 28mm ACW Infantry 28mm ACW Named Regiments 28mm ACW Zouaves 28mm ACW Artillery 28mm ACW Heads 28mm ACW Generals 28mm ACW Accessories Hungarian Revolution 1848 - 49 28mm Hungary 28mm Austrian 28mm 19th century ranges A 1/2400th Fleet for Bolivia and some ACW Naval The recent kind generosity of David Crook (he of a Wargaming Oddyssey and Ogrefencer fame) in disposing of some of his Lead Mountain has seen a large influx of 1/2400th vessels into the shipyards at SteelonSand Towers. These are nicely modelled, and give enough variety to use them in a number of differing guises; I think both a CSS David and a CSS Hunley would be possible at this scale, whilst the picket boat type trailing a dinghy is generic enough to be of use as a number of different craft - one very small criticism is that the spar torpedo apparatus is not actually visible out front in the sculpts The American Civil War saw a number of innovations in naval warfare, including the first torpedo boats, which carried spar torpedoes. All parts are cast in white metal (1% to 2% lead content). G. Since returning from New York last week, I have little to report on my gaming. Here are the markers, The USS New York is in the background ACW Campaign: The Bluffsburg Map I've made some progress on my American Civil War campaign idea. 3. Steam Iron and Tin is a set of 15mm ACW naval rules that was distributed to people who attended the 1985 Origins Convention in Baltimore (I was at that convention!).

Video after-action report of our large Second Manassas war game. The entire battle was played in 6mm scale, on a 6'x4' tabletop, using the new "Altar of Freedom" grand tactical rules. The only 15mm American Civil War miniatures to ever win the Origins/H. Browse through our extensive ranges of miniature figures & equipment. The scenario involved a Union force attacking the fictional Mobil Bay to suppress the coast defences. In addition, there is a section at the beginning that covers the news and goings in the ACW wargaming community. The Jackson Gamers have produced three sets of rules for land battles in the American Civil War, which we use to fight miniature wargames.

We used 8" for infantry moves and all units were veterans (saving in a 3+) and i think those factors were the reason we didn't get a result- next game we will revert to normal moves and only allow 1/3 of units to be veterans. Sloppy The return of an old favorite, with a twist Along with the Anglo-Dutch ships, I purchased a few miniatures for an era that I once played extensively - ACW naval: These ships are part of a new series of ships from Thoroughbred Models . To close the slideshow, click on the small x in the upper left corner. Wargaming the Age of Marlborough - Warfare in the Age of Reason, when men dressed in pink, wore wigs and fought like lions. Beautiful, historically accurate Houston's Ships 1/1200 ACW ships - CSS & USS / CSS. First up is the Thoroughbred miniature of Neosho/Osage. I went fairly small, the players that day weren't big ACW buffs and hadn't played the rules before, added to that I planned the bash as a single day affair.

Whilst I've only dabbled slightly with wargaming the American Civil War and Wild West, this period was also responsible for one of the highlights of my interest in military history: taking part in a huge real-life reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg. It took me a few months of patient plodding but I got there. Scheltrum Miniatures 28mm Victorian Sci-Fi & ACW vehicles and vessels. American Civil War (ACW) Ship Miniatures These ship models are a mix of Houston's Ships, NavWar, and Langton Miniatures. British Naval Brigade It seems ages since I've done any painting but video chatting with Dave Docherty, Stefan, Edwin and others get my juices flowing. 70+ highly-detailed kits of the ships and ironclads of the Union and Confederate navies. American Civil War, 1861-1865.

I have. The local gamers have been getting together and hosting large "games days". Please note that these lists will have on them our previous address and details as they were scanned into the computer when we were still at the old address. some more pics - 6mm ACW and some more pics, this time of my 6mm ACW figures (the handful I've actually painted). Shop with confidence. Jay's Wargaming Madness: ACW Pickett's Charge AAR. Skirmish Campaign; Foy’s 9th Division.

Enter your search keyword This set consists of prototype models of gunboats CSS Bienville , CSS Carondelet, CSS Oregon and CSS Pamlico that made up the Confederate naval force defending Lake Ponchartrain and the Mississippi coast from Union naval and landing forces . Information on Iron and Fire. The Langton and NavWar models are pretty true to 1:1200 scale, but the scale of the Houston's models varies from ship to ship and averages around 1:1062 for the models I have in my collection. So my guys hadn't been used in what was probably 10 years (except for the HotT game the other week). We both started out playing Flames of War and have since broaden our interests in near all gaming. Lovely 28mm & 40mm American Civil War figures imbued with a sense of life or motion… Scarab Miniatures 28mm and 1/48th scale Ancient & Medieval, World War I & II, and World War II Horror ranges. Naval miniatures are truly our link to the vicarious reality we seek.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Thoroughbred - ACW Naval USS Casco Class TS61B 1/600 Kit Wargaming Civil War at the best online prices at eBay! Thoroughbred's Ironclad 1/600th Scale Ship Kits All kits come unassembled with instructions, ship data, & flags. ACW, Kettle Creek 1862, Black Powder, Scenario and AAR - *Forno´s Brigade moving along the broken up railroad. Historic naval models, buildings and fortifications for wargamers and modellers. These are games that meet substantially all of the following criteria: (1) naval based wargame; (2) focuses on engagements during the American Civil War; (3) addresses the "theme" in an interesting or compelling These American Civil War Naval models are Scale 1:1200, 1 inch = 100ft. One of my ACW projects is to work through the GaG Scenario book 4, "Stonewall, The Battles of General T. 1/1200 Ship Models The Shangri-La Ironworks is a line of resin 1/1200 scale naval miniatures. 1/1200 ACW ironclads & warships for American Civil War naval wargaming.

PicoArmor is a website dedicated to wargaming at the 1/600 scale. S. The last time my 6mm Adler ACW collection saw the light of day was about 5 years ago when we did the 1st day at Gettysburg (my favourite and a game I would like to do again). A mythical beast - a female wargamer! I got back into wargaming in the summer of 2011 after a very, very long break. I have always been interested in military history and military model making. I have a couple of dozen ships in 1/1200 scale, and the games have always been well received. Ian Fainges, Brad Smith, and the wargamers from Down Under (Australia) are back with another great 40mm American Civil War miniature wargame.

63. Explore Chip DuRant's board "ACW Naval", followed by 579 people on Pinterest. Photo captions: 15mm, 6mm, 10mm, and 25mm flags are the same except for size and the numbers used to order them. Wells Award for Best Wargaming Figures! • See 15mm ACW Naval Artillery listing for contents and prices. ACW Naval 1:600: Thoroughbred Figures. Ships and buildings for the Napoleonic, Ancient and American Civil War period. 00.

New photographs will be added at regular intervals. This May 1973 article from Miniature Warfare magazine reports on a battle fought in Copenhagen over Christmas 1970. A Hotter Fire - Quick Play rules by Alan Saunders. Good point Thomas, I've plenty of non- ACW terrain but as a bit unsure of how much clutter to add for Black Powder. In previous expeditions into this era ,I started in 15mm then went into 25mm down to 10mm and back to 28mm before swapping my collection for the start of an English Civil War Army. How rough - none of the scenery is made (except the fort) and the test surface is 8'x4' rather than the planned 10'x6' at the con. - which you have found useful for solo wargaming I would be delighted to hear from you so that I can add it to the list below.

My next scenario (#3 in the book) is the Battle of McDowell, 8th May 1862. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously. So I found 10mm scale the perfect size, mass battles can easily fit on a humble 4 x 5 table and the cost of a good sized army, say two to three hundred figures is very much within reach. As an example of what I'm looking for, I'd like to be able to play Farragut running Forts Jackson and St. However; the crossroads is occupied by a weak Union force, that is being rapidly reinforced. - Thomas Company releases 20mm (HO scale) American Civil War figures. American Civil War Naval.

There is a sequel called Gunfire Around the Gulf (again, in the hands of Mr Fox - what was I thinking?) which I shall try and lay my hands on covering the naval war up until Mobile Bay as I recall. This is, I think, a sadly neglected period for wargamers. The most comprehensive list of international of Wargames clubs and Historical Societies. Many of the rules are reprinted from the thinking of other well-known wargamers of the period – First Test of Historicon 2015 ACW Naval Game A very rough initial test for my upcoming "What-If" ACW ironclad game at Historicon depicting a British intervention in the civil war. about 20% of the figures were mine but almost all those in the pics are P This is the final instalment of my 15mm ACW re-basing project. Just before Christmas I bought Neil Thomas's 'Wargaming: An Introduction'. Historical Miniature Wargaming is an excellent combination of the two.

THOROUGHBRED - ACW Naval CSS Alabama TS54 1/600 Kit Wargaming Civil War - $25. This section of our website provides free downloadable items to enhance your gaming experience. ACW naval game. Excellent line of American Civil War warships. I was able to briefly make it by yesterday and was really impressed with David R's. Covering the American Civil War between 1861 and 1865 ACW Naval Game My friend George had a few of us over for the inaugural game in his new wargaming 'clubhouse' - a purpose built shed for wargaming. Jackson CSA".

ACW Scenario - McPherson's Ridge With the successful play test of the Pickett's Charge game under my belt I look to fill out the two additional scenarios that I wanted to do for the Battle of Gettysburg. The photos will open in a new tab. More Airfix ACW Infantry and New Books My wife and I are leaving for one final camping trip this week. J. Civilian Packet (Sternwheeler) TS801/600 ACW Naval Kit All kits come unassembled with instructions, ship data, & flags. Stone Mountain Miniatures Wargaming Flags These are scans of the actual flags. The Federals just need to stop them but will be ordered to send troops north periodically during the game.

The encounter was set up to mimic Trafalgar but on a much smaller scale, to act as a rules reminder and test game for the clubs full size Trafalgar to be played later this year. Ironclad and American Civil War Naval Wargames Rules Naval Wargames Society, 1971, 2004 WWII Naval 1:2400: GHQ with some Panzerschiffe. Posted on May 28, 2019 May 28, 2019 Categories 18th Century Wargaming, ACW Wargaming, Early 20th Century Wargaming, Napoleonic Wargaming, Naval wargaming, The War replayed, Wargaming, World War II Wargaming Tags 1970s gaming, books, Naval wargame, Sea Battle Games, Wargaming, world war Leave a comment on A new old book for my collection 10% OFF on Thoroughbred - ACW Naval CSS Alabama TS54 1/600 Kit Wargaming Civil War - $22. He extends his analysis to those of the early plains engagements prior to the American Civil War. The following is a brief description of the menu selection on the left. - Don Featherstone enters the hobby. As you can see in the above photo these tufts play a large part in this particular basing concept.

Now you can take part in this epic struggle with ANACONDA. ACW 6mm: The Battle of Kernstown This was a battle I fought solo a couple of years ago and is just about the last one to add that is relevant to current projects that was played prior to the creation of the blog. Readers will have seen my earlier post regarding the battle of Denmark Strait, Briefly, the plan is for players around the world to refight the action on or around the anniversary using their favourite rule sets and to post AARs, letting us compare the results and to promote naval wargaming. Our interests flow from medieval to modern gaming. At the beginning of every month we will post the 5 best suggestions and give you the chance to vote for your favourite. Skulpzy Skulpzy UK Professional War-Games Miniature Figurine Sculptor. I hope you enjoy our little corner of this wonderful hobby.

Napoleonics. Plank Road 10mm Miniatures cover the ACW Eastern Theatre. . The Union figures consist of a dozen artillery bases of various types from smooth bore field guns all the way to siege mortars, a brigade of infantry and a regiment of dismounted cavalry. THOROUGHBRED - ACW Naval Civilian Packet Sternwheeler TS80 1/600 Kit Wargaming - $29. Land ; Anglo-Boer War 15mm: Irregular Miniatures with some Minifigs. ACW 15mm: Wide variety of manufacturers borrowed from friends.

From size and speeds to colors and armaments I hope to provide as much information about each ship as possible. Bristoe Station is in the background* The Little Wars Stockholm Wargaming Club held a club meeting Posts about ACW Naval written by kgsmyth55. About Us. Games you will see at our Friday Game Nights include 1/285 scale Air War, 1/2400 scale WW1 and WW2 Naval, 28mm Medievals, American Civil War, WWI Air Combat (1/72nd scale), Fantasy battles, and Science Fiction games such s Warhammer 40K, plus many other miniatures games, board games and RPG gaming. I asked Jack to make me some ACW ships. ACW McPherson's Ridge AAR As I mentioned yesterday, I hosted an ACW game today using This Hallowed Ground. In the months to come, you will find a selection of unique and for the most part overlooked vessels from the 1914-1945 era.

THOROUGHBRED - ACW Naval CSS Neuse TS31 1/600 Kit Wargaming Civil War - $12. There is battle brewing to the North and the Confederates need to secure the Town and send two Regiments up the road. Unfortunately, both detail and color decline in scans. They are defending a river with two crossings. for sale FIW Flower of Chivalry for sale FPW historic sites horror horse and musket HoTT lego Maurice 15mm Wargaming Miniatures. NAVAL WARGAMING Naval wargaming is a branch of the wider hobby of miniature wargaming. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading ACW Naval Articles.

http The purchase and painting of my 28mm ACW armies coincided nicely with (among other scenic gems) the discovery of grass and flower tufts at my local model railway shop. Navy for recognition training during WWII. World War II Naval Scenarios One thing I was very keen on, when starting this project, was to share ideas that could add value to visits to my blog for other gamers. In 1861 President Lincoln instituted a naval blockade of Southern ports, which crippled the South's efforts to obtain war materials from abroad. All have a common source, and are basically the same, yet all are different. The range is expanding to include buildings and fortifications, some of which are in resin. Opinions expressed here are solely those of the Wow M, great news that you've joined the WW1 dreadnought frenzy, that is a true measure of success.

A fine product line of 15mm ship kits, crew packs and extra accessories for the naval War of 1812. About Tumbling Dice. As with the Confederates the flags are from Solway Crafts and give a really pleasing end result. 24 Posts. 1:1200 Vessels These are made by Langton Miniatures and cast in white metal alloy. 12 battalions of infantry each, 2 of skirmishers and 2x batteries of artillery. Over the weekend I finally got around to painting these figures that I have had sitting on the unpainted lead pile for a couple of years.

I also did a video about it so you can see it and a few other things I'm working on now and in the future. From Sumerian charioters to ACW cannons, we have something for everyone. As I have a few commander figures I thought I would introduce them into the game and tried the ACW rule additions proposed on the Commander - compact wargames site click here . Nowadays I have enjoyed the revival of these "old school" wargaming doctrines but also seek to combine them with realistic terrain and figures and the many useful wargaming rules and systems that I've picked up along the way - hence the name of my blog! 15mm 19th Century 40K 40k Chaos 6mm 6x6 Challenge ACW ACW Rules Airfix ArmourFast AWI AWI Rules Battle Report Books Burma Campaign Computer Assisted Crossfire Dark Age Designing Wargames Dux Bellorum ECW French Indian Wars Galleys and Galleons Grid Based Wargame Rules Home Casting HYW Imagi-Nations Armies Jacobite Medieval Minifigs Napoleonic This ACW battle is not based upon any particular scenario, but sees three Confederate divisions converging at a crossroads on a key turnpike. 14, 1984). With International Naval Wargames Day only a month away, I thought I'd have a closer look at Bob Cordery's latest publication, Gridded Naval Wargames, with a view to scratch building some basic ironclad warships for a game on the big day. Editors Note; As regular followers of JJ's Wargames will know, ACW is not really a theme that has really 'floated my boat', and I am surprised to see five previous posts on this period here on the blog, but it is, never the less, a major period in historical wargaming and one that appeals to a lot of historical wargamers, including a few of my regular wargaming friends.

I'd never painted 6mm before, and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was - you just need to remember that you don't need to paint every detail and not to thin paint for belts, cross-straps etc too much (or it will flow onto HoTT 2mm 42mm 54mm 6mm ACW aerial ancients AWI Basic Impetus Battlelore boardgaming Buffy campaign colonials Command and Colors Ancients Command and Colors Napoleonics Commands and Colors AWI dark ages DBA DBHx ECW EDBAG EWG fantasy fantasy. 15mm ACW Naval Artillery Photos by Thomas Christoffersen 15mm ACW Naval Artillery Crew Photo by William Stackpole "Rules for naval wargaming set in the ACW" Topic. Of course, the E-zine is also full of useful other bits for the ACW gamer - including adverts from leading miniatures distributers, as well as a listing of ACW clubs around the globe. Cos t and space. The figure turned out well, I think. My friend Theo Street had done an excellent job of generating a scenario for us loosely based on the First Battle of Bull Run 1861. Hello my name is Paul and Tumbling Dice is my company.

Warflag is also home to these wargaming sites :- The Amazing Adventures of the Red shadow. Several of our members enjoy writing and amending rules and frequently put on games using the results at club. ACW Naval ships for wargaming and dioramas in 1/600th produced by Peter Pig in resin and metal supported by a selection of resin forts and scenery pieces. I'm hoping to be able to field over 2,000 figures (remember their 6mm!) and a fleet of 8 Union ironclads / warships pitted against 6 Confederate vessels. This list was prepaired by Reinforcements by Post wargame miniatures painting service in Bangladesh. I’ve run games 28mm ACW wargames miniatures by Steve barber models. The 1/600 ships are all from the collection of Angus Konstam.

The book recommends table sizes of 6' x 4' or 5' x 3' for 10mm or 15mm figures. View my complete profile The outlook wasn't hopeful for the Pharoah's troops that day - The draw had been Seleucids, so there wasn't much to say. I've now fully converted all of my Fire & Fury lead to Volley & Bayonet basing. PDF files Most of our ranges can now be downloaded as illustrated line drawings on PDF files. They had elephants, and cataphracts, cheap levy and the like - And he had copper JIS, while they had steel-tipped pike. I am co-author of Potomac Publications' range of ACW scenario and flag booklets, I have written numerous wargaming articles in several magazines over a period of 25 years, I now freelance as a cartographer and work closely with a leading military publisher. Established in 1995, Steve Barber Models have been producing fine quality metal miniatures and games primarily for the war game market ever since.

Diaroma showing a naval battle with surface ships, diving submarine, and a The outlook wasn't hopeful for the Pharoah's troops that day - The draw had been Seleucids, so there wasn't much to say. WELCOME TO THE BACCUS 6MM SITE Baccus specialises in the design and production of wargames figures and accessories in the 6mm scale. First up was the ACW game Cool Springs, I got it wrong on the last post, Castleman's Ferry is the second part of the scenario and will have to wait until next year. We offer Oddzial Osmy (O8) miniatures and our 3mm buildings as leading products. Ideal for wargaming and collecting, 1:1200 (1"=100') exact scale waterline ship models are vastly improved version of those used by the U. The Saber is a shock weapon that after the initial round of combat is less useful. acw naval - 1/600 test game 1 This week’s game at the SESWC was something different as I setup an ACW test game to try out the 1860-1870 period naval rules which I have been working on.

I ordered a few more this morning for the remaining Union regiments, my only quibble with Solway is that it is hard to tell what specific Union flags they do from their listings and I want to do a couple of Zouaze regiments and possibly the 54th Massachusetts. But they are very much a product of their time: complicated tables, a series of die rolls for each and every gun fired and hit scored. Posted on May 28, 2019 May 28, 2019 Author General Whiskers Categories 18th Century Wargaming, ACW Wargaming, Early 20th Century Wargaming, Napoleonic Wargaming, Naval wargaming, The War replayed, Wargaming, World War II Wargaming Tags 1970s gaming, books, Naval wargame, Sea Battle Games, Wargaming, world war Evolving Rules for my ACW Campaign I've been working a good bit on the house rules for a planned ACW campaign that will feature 1/600 scale ironclads and 6mm figures. Find great deals on eBay for civil war wargaming. Our new world leading 3D sculpted miniatures, sculpting taken to the next level. This is currently a start up project subject to support of 12 people . I am very happy to make available scenarios and other aids that I have put together for my own use.

Regardless of whether we use them in battle or display them on a shelf, they offer each of us an outlet for our creative talents as both artist and historian. I have been looking for a quick and easy way to paint them all and so, after a bit of research through the book collection, I present to you, the Idiots Guide to Painting American Civil War Figures. The revolver appears to win in every encounter between saber and revolver. 1955 - Jack Scruby molds first figures for wargaming in RTV rubber. Miniatures from the collection of David Manley and Southern Militaire. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. I've played his game before and it's a simple, fun and action packed time! This is Langton AD14, a Dutch 4th Rate of 46 guns.

Anaconda - Fast Play Strategic Civil War Blockade Game (Junior Generals series) Battle of Lissa - Fast play rules from the "Junior Generals" series ACW Media - For the discussion of books, films, music, and other wargaming-related media involving the American Civil War, including fiction and non-fiction. My thanks to James Douglas for supplying the photos as I'd forgotten my dammed camera !! The figures are all Sash and Saber 40mm ACW mostly from the collection of Phil Freeman an avid 40mm gamer and Collector. • Photos: Click links below for photos. This game was specifically for those people who helped George set up the shed - wiring, insulating, adding storage lofts, etc. This time, Ian has graciously sent me photos of their recent game depicting the battle of Helena, Arkansas, fought on July 4, 1863, during the Vicksburg Campaign. Some of the items are fully playable “tanks only” rule sets, some are reproductions of parts from the rule sets we sell so you don’t have to cut up your rule book, and others are pieces that will heighten your gaming adventures when using GHQ rules. Hopefully this site will provide fellow ACW Naval Wargamers a place to go to find information on ships and boats within the Confederate and union navies during the time of the American Civil War.

I've finally finished basing all of the Union and Confederate 20mm plastics. That said, I have never been a fan of board games and thus I have decided to play Battle Cry on the wargames table using 20mm figures. Thanks to fellow Lardie Thomas Nisvik for putting me on to a program called Mapping Board , which allowed me to generate this electronic version of a map I sketched some years back and almost forgot about. Philip, Mobile Bay, or Memphis in an Having swore never to go in to ACW again. Though I have played many different sets of ACW naval rules, I still believe Ironclads gives the best feel of the period. 1956 - First U. ACW Types Find great deals on eBay for naval wargames.

We salute those companies and individuals that strive to produce these miniature works of art. This class of turreted ironclads were driven by a paddle wheel aft and mounted a pair of 11-inch guns in an Eads-designed turret. Bristoe Station is in the background* The Little Wars Stockholm Wargaming Club held a club meeting ACW Naval Articles - Kindle edition by Roger C. acw naval - 1/600 test game 2 This week’s game at the SESWC was another test to try out my draft 1860-1870 period naval rules. I am going to concentrate almost exclusively on naval wargaming for the next six months, with the 1/2400th scale ironclads and 1/600th scale ACW ships at the front of the queue. CSS Alabama (Sea-going Raider) TS541/600 ACW Naval Kit All kits come unassembled with instructions, ship data, & flags. ACW Positional Defence (2) This is the after action report (AAR) from an American Civil War (ACW) wargame we played near the end of 2016 before various business trips, Christmas and so on intervened (hence the long gap since I last posted here).

Again, 13 pieces make up this model, and again beautifully detailed. Discount Battle Packs; Discount Starter Packs; Classical & Ancient c800BC-1300AD; Spanish Armada c1520-1590; Anglo Dutch Wars c1630-1720; Napoleonic; 1/4800 Napoleonic; Victorian Period (& ACW) Age of Battleships; Flags & Naval Accessories 1/2400; 25mm (1/72) Discount Army Packs 1/72; C410 Age of Migration We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product’s sale price over the last 90 days. Although it is often overlooked by the dominance of the 15 and 28mm scales, the smaller figures offer huge advantages in terms of flexibility, prices and ease of painting. I first produced miniature figurines in the mid 1970s as a founder of Asgard Miniatures, then moving onto design and manufacture gift and commemorative items (Mucky Duck), while also creating Tumbling Dice wargames ranges. Ironclad and American Civil War Era. Find great deals on eBay for Wargames Books in Historical Table Top Wargames and Role-Playing. Highlighted items in the list are links to an image of the completed model.

I have been a wargamer for over 50 years, from Airfix 8th Army to X-Wing Starships. This afternoon I thought I would try out one of the sets of rules in it, and went for the ACW. American Civil War with Airfix - Part 2 The Battle of Rogersville Airfix ACW wargaming reached as far as Denmark. 1957 Black Powder ACW Game Last night I played my first proper game of the Black Powder rules published by Warlord Games. Cracker Line 10mm Miniatures cover the ACW Western Theatre. Have been wargaming for the best part of 40 years and two main problems arose during that time. (if not anywhere) Wargaming convention, organized by Jack Scruby in California.

All members in good standing are free to post here. A Wargaming Odyssey This is a long running and continuing journey around a collection of ideas, projects, games, models and a variety of wargaming related themes from my own imagination and from others. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Thoroughbred - ACW Naval US Steam Frigate TS84 1/600 Wargaming at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! ACW Naval. I wanted to see what the recommendations are for ACW naval gaming. An Airfix ACW army for beginners From Miniature Warfare magazine 1972, this article by A. Campbell. One of the troubles I've always found with most sets of wargames rules is that they assume the player is going to want to use them on a regular basis.

I have a couple of file boxes of partially painted figs, mainly faces that I want to clear before the Painting Challenge begins, mainly colonial, so I started with these. I really like the game system, which is similar to Memoire 44 and Command and Colors. He made the models from some drawings in Bill Atteridge's book North and South Naval Images. It made a nice change from making terrain and finishes off my small ACW collection. Well I finally finished my 28mm AWI figure I started about a week or so ago with the oil paints. Peter Pig recommends using Hammerin' Iron our own wargames rules for ACW naval games. I will dig them out when I get home and hope to start on a new ACW ironclad project at some point in the latter half of the year.

ACW One Hour Wargaming Seeing I had unpacked my American Civil War miniatures, it seemed like a good idea to play a few more grid-based games before packing them away. I am sitting relaxing after a hard weekends wargaming along with keeping my son and mate Dave Toone happy while at the same time trying my hardest to deliver crushing defeats on both. WW1 Ships, Flying Boats & Floatplanes. Ironclad wargame. Mason goes into how many boxes of Airfix ACW troops you need to buy (at 17p per box)to get a matched pair of starter ACW armies, although distressingly he allows the idea of buying some metal command figures. Stone Mountain Miniatures Award-Winning Wargaming Figures Click on a photo to enlarge it and start a slideshow. Naval, Wargaming 1/1200th, ACW, American Civil War, Naval, Naval Wargaming, Wargames Conway’s All the World’s Fighting Ships: 1860-1905, editor Robert Gardiner 5 April 2007 Thomo the Lost Leave a comment Peter Hunt of the Hong Kong Society of Wargamers has written a set of articles about Naval Warfare in the American Civil War.

eBay Logo: Shop by category. Canadian Wargaming Blog covering lots of horse & musket era periods… and more! Historic Imagination Interested in American Civil War miniature gaming? Come take a look at our line of scenario books designed for re-creating many of the major and minor battles of the Civil War, Terrain Ideas, and Virtual Battlefield Tours… Welcome to my wargaming blog. I recently purchased the board bame 'Battle Cry' which is based upon the American Civil War (ACW). 5 at TrueGether Naval Wargaming Sunk Ship Markers Well today was a Red Day here in Sweden, which means it is a day off from work. These have been collected from multiple manufacturers. Also see our other ACW figure pages, and the ACW photo links in the right sidebar. American Civil War Riverine Actions The 'Noddy' Approach by Andy Callan (originally published in Miniature Wargames, No.

Good Ground is the owner of Cracker Line and Plank Road Miniatures, So Far From God Miniatures, Between the Lines Models and B Company Magnetic Bases. Our flagship line of finely crafted 1/600th scale white metal miniatures. Miniature Addiction Wargaming with miniatures. Campaign Tools for the Extreme War Gamer - 15mm, 40mm flags and 25mm Flags, Gaming Rules, and Miniatures Anaconda: Naval Warfare On The Mississippi River And Gulf Coast 1862-1863 Ramming Speed! During the American Civil War the Union and Confederate navies clashed along the length of the Mississippi River fighting for control of the primary strategic waterway in North America. Friday's game at New Buckenham was a Napoleonic naval affair using Alan Abbey's rule set Blood, Bilge and Iron Balls. We've some of the Perry ACW houses ordered and I have my eyes on the new Renedra church as well but really do need to get/make some suitable fences and fields for ACW sorted. On these pages you will find an extensive collection of Wargames figures and miniatures in a variety of scales and sizes from 1/600th Naval to 40mm Collectors figurines.

Shop by category. CSS Neuse (Small Ironclad Ram) TS311/600 ACW Naval Kit All kits come unassembled with instructions, ship data, & flags. So what is it? 2ère Brigade de la 9ème Division d’Infanterie General Franklin OC VI Corps and General Smith OC 2nd Division agree to stand the men down for one hour to rest and take refreshments. Ancient Naval Wargaming 1/600 1/650 During my first, childhood, incarnation as a wargamer, Ancients were a fundamental feature, at least once Airfix had released the Ancient Romans and Ancient Britons sets. Tonight Stephen, Kent and I got together for a game of ACW. Below is my Top 10 list of games covering naval warfare during the American Civil War. Skip to main content.

Roy Scaife and Adrian Turner joined me for a fun filled day of gaming and cursing our dice! About Welcome to the OLD GLORY UK website. Rather than do my usual trick of changing things from the word go, I decided to play the game straight. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you, with your clean and crisp painting style, can do with these models, They have loads of detail, so coming from 28's they were a treat to paint. Our latest range, Ancient Classical Indians "Sculpture'Z. Within these pages I will chronicle the exploits of our little Portland, Oregon wargaming group. Thunder Along the Mississippi does exactly what it says on the tin and covers the river battles up to the fall of Vicksburg. My current interests are Ancients, ACW, 30YW and SciFi gaming.

It is interesting to note the size difference between the two 4th rates - the British ships are a fair amount larger than their Dutch counterparts. But they are an impediment today. THOROUGHBRED - ACW Blockade Runner TS74 1/600 Wargaming - $24. Blockade Runner (Modeled after Banshee I) TS741/600 ACW Naval Kit All kits come unassembled with instructions, ship data, & flags. Also we have a set of Simple ACW rules by Eric Wood, a former Jackson Gamer. In addition to the five sets above we have seen games of ACW, naval; WW2 air, land and sea; Pike & Shot and Sci-Fi put on with 'home grown' rules. Diaroma showing a naval battle with surface ships, diving submarine, and a Classic Airfix ACW in 1/72 scale My friends and I go way back, waaay back in the hobby of miniature wargaming.

RJW Naval 1:1000: Houston 's Ships. My wife, Kalissa and I have been wargaming together, since my first wargame. Fourteen people attended, all playing with 54mm figures. Getting into ACW naval / riverine miniature wargaming Posted on May 2, 2009 by Scott Mingus I recently purchased a collection of painted and assembled 1:600 model Civil War boats, all of which are from Toby Barrett ‘s Thoroughbred Figures. Whilst reading the latest addition to the 'History of Wargaming' Project – OVER OPEN SIGHTS: EARLY NAVAL WARGAMING RULES 1873-1904: EARLY WARGAMES VOLUME 4 – I began thinking about the possibility of designing a simple Ironclad vs. If you have any resources - rules, toolkits, books, board games etc. A wargaming fantasy world with a touch of history.

I have been interested in historical wargaming since I was 13 years old. In 1979 that is what people wanted. As the title indicates, we played Sail & Steam Navies, a naval battle system for 1840-1880 with Langton Miniatures (1:1200 scale). Because of this at least two of us collect old Airfix figures for nostalgia purposes but also to serve in our current wargame armies along side more recent productions. At the club last night I finally got to use some of my ACW figures for a proper game, not using Fire and Fury, but local set which we will just call 1861, developed by Simon C who also umpired (and tried hard to remember his rules). I am a pretty huge ironclads and pre-dreadnaught fan so I was pretty excited to be playing. Naval & Accessories; 1/2400 Naval.

American Civil War Naval Rules - One page naval rules for quick games, by Jim Brown. They are now all based for Regimental Fire & Fury and/or Black Powder on 30mm x 40mm MDF bases I got from eBay, decorated with coarse shelly sand from my local East Lothian beach, some various bits of landscaping gravel and standard autumn flock. Tell us about a book you would like to see published by Osprey. Rules for fighting Naval War Games – there are nine sets presented, from ancient galleys through the age of sail (several sets for this) and on to more modern naval warfare. Generally less popular than wargames set on land, naval wargaming nevertheless enjoys a degree of support around the world. There are still almost three hours of daylight left and both men are anxious to reach Crow Bridge before then. 23.

While I've been looking into ACW boardgaming, I'm also interested in miniature wargames. Wargaming and Such: This is mainly a blog for all other wargamers and similar hobbies to enjoy. I like the idea of grid based naval wargaming, as it makes a lot of sense both for movement and gunnery Thomo has, over recent years, been purchasing lots of American Civil War figures in 15mm. 1ère Brigade de la 9ème Division d’Infanterie. Both historical and fantasy rule-sets are available. See more ideas about Military history, Civil war art and Military art. Dismounted Cavalry & Horse Holders ACW.

acw naval wargaming

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