Finally Programming on iPad pro.Some Pros and Cons.

In numbers the coders are wondering and browsing the internet for the same question “Is using ipad pro a good alternative for coders, particularly for swift and python programming?” This article will clear their doubt and will also provide all essential information about Programming on ipad pro including the most important- Programming tips on ipad pro. And one by one I will share those here in this post.

Programming on ipad pro

Programming on ipad pro, finally possible

Yes, Programming on ipad pro is possible nowadays. As a professional programmer, I have been using ipad on daily basis as a primary tool and on it, I have run about 100 GPU of neural network cluster, developed a multi-terabyte large data infrastructure, and also made entertaining little video games web applications. 

All these have become promising just because of the revolutionary advances that have taken place in cloud computing. I make use of Google Cloud for launching a website. And then on this site in undergoes all the essential computer programming. Thus, ipad is more than a video game controller, controlling all that on Google Cloud computer is taking place. 

As my major programming language is ‘Python’, one of the most powerful programming languages that one can use with Google Cloud. And that being said a coder with Google’s TensorFlow can now use swift, for building heavy-duty neural networks. 

How to Set up your iPad for Coding?

Whether you are new to ipad or are upgrading yourself, to set up your ipad will surely be an exciting experience especially when it comes to Set up Programming on ipad pro. And here is all that you need to know about setting up the ipad pro.

  1. Understanding the choices-

You can set up your ipad pro in one of these ways-

  • Setting up as fresh- It means beginning up with everything & every setting and it is for those who never have used smartphones or those who want their hardware to be completely new.
  • Restoring from old ipad/iPhone- One can do it online through iCloud or over USB through iTunes. It is for those having an old iOS device and is getting a newer one.
  • Importing through android- Apple is having an app in Google Play for making switching from android bit easily. However, online services allow us to moves the data from any previous device. It is for those going to use ipad.
  •  Setting up new ipad pro-

When you touch and switch on your brand new ipad pro, you in various languages will be greeted with ‘HELLO’. However, it is the same whether restoring from the older ipad or turning to ipad from android.

  • Touch slide to setup and slip the finger crossways the screen to begin up
  • Choose the language of your choice
  • Choose your region or country
  • Choose the Wi-Fi network. In case if you aren’t in the range of Wi-Fi, setup this later on and you can choose Cellular
  • Once you go through Apple’s data and privacy information, hit on continue and step ahead
  • Hit ‘Enable Location Services”. It’s up to you whether you would like to enable it or not. You can do enable specific location services manually
  • Setup ‘Face ID’. 
  • Generate your own passcode. You can have a standard 6 digit passcode or also you can create 4 digit passcode or can too custom it by hitting on the ‘Passcode Options’.
  •  Restoring or transferring data from your previous device-

If you are not going to begin up with fresh with a new data clean device, you can transfer the data from your older device (whether Android or iOS) to the new ipad. Here’s how you can do that.

Restoring from iTunes or iCloud backup-

Now you have to decide how you are going to transfer your old device data. You are having two alternatives when it comes to data restoring and apps restoring from the older device- iTunes or iCloud.

Which one you chooses is based upon whether you backups the old device in iCloud or through plugging it into your PC and backing up through iTunes.

The main thing here is to ensure that the old device is well backed up.

After backed up the older device, choose whether to restore a new one from iTunes or iCloud. 

Transferring data from old android device to the new ipad-

If you are going to own a new ipad pro (part of Apple family), you must know that Apple is having a special application for those that move from android to iOS and you can get it in Google Play Store. Before moving data, you need to download ‘Move to iOS on android device.

Some Programming tips and tricks:

Few Programming tips on ipad pro are here for you that will help you to handle several coding works and keep all neat possible.

Programming on ipad pro
  1. Use coding standard- It is easy to write unorganized codes but tough to maintain such codes. Typically good one follows some standards for formatting, naming conventions, and so on. Those are nice as they make things better for those that need to read codes later. Create your own coding standards but it is vital to stick to one with higher acceptance.
  2. Write good comments- Comments are always important. You wouldn’t appreciate those unless you leave thousand line scripts for several days and get back to and try and make sense of that. Good comments make life a bit better. Write a single line and useful comments for indistinguishable lines and also full consideration and functionality explanations for methods. For tricky logic blocks, explain the logic in words. Keep the comments updated.

Pros and Cons of Programming on ipad pro


  1. Trackpad Support- The noticeable feature of ipad pro is its trackpad companionability. The trackpad is developed in a separate magic keyboard and is attached magnetically. Also, it is having unique cantilevered hinges for even adjustments, of angle viewing to a 130-degree angle. Furthermore, cursor for trackpad appears as a circle, highlighting text fields, user interface elements, and applications on the dock. It gives a clear indication of what a user hits on. The fluid gesture makes it easier to switch between software, control center, and so on. 
  2. Amazing display- Another pro is a retina display, corner to corner. Also, it supports wider color and refreshing rate to 120 Hz. 


1- Price- When coming to Apple’s pro tool, the cost is at top. 

Final thoughts-

Finally, you have got to know all that you were browsing the internet. Thus, we can say that buying and using ipad pro for programming can be a better decision to make. 

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