MetaBook Announces Rebranding as MetaBook Entertainment.

MetaBook is now MetaBook Entertainment.

MetaBook Inc. on 7th July announced its rebranding as MetaBook Entertainment, marking the company’s augmentation in new content areas. The privately held firm has established itself as an award-winning producer of film and audio content, that has featured many famous names such as Laura Benanti, Alfred Uhry, Elizabeth Banks, and Laverne Cox. The company has also released titles by many New York Times Bestsellers including John Berendt and Wally Lamb on its flagship imprint. The newly established identity will unite company’s expanding envelope of entertainment properties under a single name.

MetaBook Entertainment

The recent announcement displays the progression of MetaBook from a company focused on the publishing sector to a big multi-channel brand. The co-founder and chairman Christian Alfonsi expressed the importance of innovation, being one of the hallmarks of the company, and promised to continue on this path of realizing their vision.

The line-up of upcoming projects for MetaBook includes upcoming films and television adaptations of crime thriller Blonde, Beautiful and Dead: The Murder Mystery that Inspired Twin Peaks, being an Amazon imprint and published by Thomas and Mercer.

About MetaBook

MetaBook Entertainment is a leading producer of premium content in a variety of mediums and different genres. Pioneering digital innovation, the company has established itself as a “serious player” in the ever-growing industry. Its film and audio content featuring prestigious award-winning talents including the Oscars, Emmys, and Grammy award winners, has been recognized as an “Immersive experience not found anywhere else”.

MetaBook is widely known for publishing works from New York Bestselling authors and also producing original content related to each title.

Founded by Christian Alfonsi and Benjamin Alfonsi, the company acquires, develops, and licenses original IP across multiple formats. Before getting the role of CEO, Christian worked with some of the world’s top emerging companies to drive strategic transformation into their organization to increase profit. According to him, the most significant difference between his previous working CEO’s and the current role are the opportunities to fundamentally impact the company’s culture and build strategic alliances with other peer companies. At the very early stage, he championed “Big Data” and other industry-standard analytic capabilities, firming his belief that the winners in this industrial race will be those who can interpolate an immense amount of data available into actionable business insights.

MetaBook was founded with a strong and unique vision of helping transform the content industry by breaking down bars that have long existed between several content mediums and digital commerce. Under Alfonsi’s Leadership, the company reached profitability in its second year of operations. As the CEO, he has guided the company’s growth from a regular publishing enterprise at the forefront, to a fully-fledged cross-platform content producing company. According to him, constant attention to innovation is the only choice for a company seeking to transforms its category.

In 2017, MetaBook announced that Audible, the world’s largest seller of downloadable audio-books and other spoken-word entertainment will exclusive distribute audio content for its titles, beginning with the recently released novel Imagining Diana, by the Bestselling author Diane Clehane. This collaboration made MetaBook an even dominant name in the industry.

Other titles developed by MetaBook Entertainment includes “I’ll take you there wally Lamb”, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, “Skeleton Boy” , “Wally Lamb at the Garden”, “Imagining Diana”, “Change”, “Reve Fantisque” and the “The Face Phantom”.

MetaBook is best known for imprinting the famous murder-mystery fiction Twin Peaks. Turns out, the quirky TV Series focussed on the murder of the plastic-wrapped fictional homecoming queen Laura Palmer, is actually based on a real incident, that occurred almost a hundred years ago. The dead body of Hazel Drew was found floating in Teal’s Pond in Sand Lake, New York. Hazel was a servant in a wealthy town who went out one evening for a walk and never returned from it. She was reportedly last seen by Frank Smith, a teenage farmhand, who had a crush on Hazel. Almost a week later, her dead corpse was discovered.

The fictional portrayal of Hazel Drew as Laura Palmer was enacted by Sheryl Lee and was created by Mark Frost and David Lynch. The television show is divided in several parts. Here, Laura is shown as a drug addict, cheating on her boyfriend, Bobby Briggs, with the biker James Hurley. Bob stabs Laura to death, after he as unable to possess Laura because of the ring she wore. Afterward, he places her corpse in the lake, which is discovered by the Sheriff department.

Future Projects and Planning:

MetaBook Entertainment recently announced that the famous Crime Thriller novel Blonde, Beautiful, and Dead: The Murder Mystery That Inspired Twin Peaks has been acquired by Amazon Imprints. Amazon Studios has a first-look dramatic rights with MetaBook Entertainment. Senior Editor Liz Pearsons acquired the right to produce in English from MetaBook Entertainment and Mitch Hoffman of the Aaron M.Priest Agency brokered the deal. The company’s co-founder Ken Siman marked that “it is an exciting time to be in the industry, with so many ways to tap new audiences constantly emerging”. He is going to continue to lead the firm’s publishing division and add value to the company.

The story of the novel explores the unsolved murder of Hazel Drew, a young woman whose mysterious death in the summer of 1908 in Sand Lake New York, inspired author Mark Frost for the Murder of Laura Palmer in the Twin Peaks series. More than a century ago, the murder made headlines nationwide, making readers fixated on the details about her double live and secret lovers. The author Frost marked it as the “first crime story that captivated me as a kid, the murder draws you into the nexus of power, politics, and money that feels utterly contemporary”. The trailer of the movie was released and gained wide attention from the audience, who love crime mysteries and murder conspiracies. The authors claim that “Although we both have come to this story initially through our fascination with Twin Peaks, we have come to realize- that this is an incredibly gripping and scandalous murder mystery in its own right”.

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