What is the Difference Between Vlogging and Blogging?

On daily basis, there in large numbers, the vloggers and bloggers are coming up with their new vlog and blog. They come with a hope of making money in good proportion and also to setup their business in form of a brand. Today, in this post we will see the difference between vlogging and blogging. Also we will see full analysis on vlog versus blog and vlog versus blog income. So keep on reading this post.

difference between vlogging and blogging

Vlogs and blogs have come up as the most effective marketing strategy for the brands, corporate, organizations of different sizes and individual too. Several platforms are there like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Wix etc that one can use for developing own blog. Also many platforms are there namely YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion and Vimeo etc that can be made in used for the purpose of vlogging.

Our internet is filled up with many success stories on vloggers as well as on bloggers. If you are thinking about exploring the potential income that vlogger and blogger generates through vlogging and blogging then it is crucial to know what both of them are.

Both of them whether vlog or blog, revolve around the content. The primary difference is, in the vlog content that is described and shared in the form of video and blog content that is described and shared in the form of written content.

At the present time, in huge quantity the people are moving in the direction of the internet in order to begin up with vlogging and blogging with a clear aim of making good income. before getting to the  vlogging versus blogging revenue, let us know about the difference between vlogging and blogging.

Differentiation between Vlogging and Blogging-

Vlog- what it actually is?

Vlog is a short video blog explaining the content in form of video. It can be of short length or can also be longer one, based upon the theme and exposure. In order to begin up with vlogging one need an explanatory video in which the specific subject is discussed in the video set-up. For vlogging a person needs some tools like microphone, camera of good quality. Also proper knowledge of video editing and someone to do the video recording is needed. Also one can create the video by using high-end Smartphone.

Furthermore, shooting of small video requires 4 hours. Therefore, one needs to spend good amount of time and money in creating a vlog. As vlog nowadays have become famous, many of them have integrated vlogs in their blogs for making platform content loaded and pertinent. Most important here in vlogging is to focus on the content quality is vital to make the vlog winning.

Types of vlog-

  1. Music
  2. Gaming
  3. Product review
  4. Health & fitness
  5. fashion
  6. Sports
  7. Lifestyle
  8. Education

Blog- what it actually is?

Currently, blogging has come out to be the well-liked means of getting connected with the online users. Blog is like online log of themes that by a blogger is penned. The reason why blogging has become popular is, it is easier to begin up with it and you need not have to spend any money on it. Several platforms permits you to begin up with blogging for free.

To begin up with blogging one needs an excellent writing skill. If you are thinking to begin up doing blogging on any theme that can be very well explained through content by adding bullets, sub-headings and several paragraphs etc then it can be proved to be greatly advantageous.

Blog is more like a journal where one shares ideas, information that can be found accurate by a specific group of readers and may follow the blog for getting newest updates.

Also a blog can be the best platform for expressing personal thoughts and views.

Types of blog-

  1. Personal blog
  2. Affiliate blog
  3. Niche blog
  4. Business blog

Key difference between vlogging and blogging

difference between vlogging and blogging
  1. In a vlog the content is created in the video format whereas, in blog written content is there. Though in blogging the content can also cover audio, graphics, videos and GIFs but you cannot do all these in case of vlogging.
  2. The platforms supporting vlogging is YouTube, facebook, DailyMotion and so on. The platforms that is supporting blogging is Drupal, Blogger, WordPress and Joomla etc.
  3. Blog is an old term that was introduced in 1990 and people began doing blogging in the year 2003. Coming to the vloggi8ng, it was started in the year 2000 and in 2004 it began to become popular.
  4. Vlogging is treated as the cost effective as it needs several tools such as microphones, a good quality of video camera and not to forget full setup. However, blogging is not much cost effective as it doesn’t needs any tool other than your PC or laptop.
  5. Lastly, the total number of visitor heads into the vlog and blog is not tangible. But the number of websites and blogs are quite huge than then number of channels there into the video platforms.

Vlog versus blog income-

Both of these platforms are having greater potential to generate good income. To make money through vlog there is a need for the subscribers in good percentage. The more people subscribe the channel and watch the uploaded content; more will be the chances of making money.  There are channels on YouTube that is making good income. As the videos are quite engaging and the content in video form is having good preservation value and is easier to follow.

Coming to the blog, one with millions of expected followers is making good amount of money with no any special marketing tactics. Picking up the right topic and engagingly providing authentic and correct details can make a blog successful. Also if a blogged adds media with the blog post, it can help in making the same to have good value. The content relevancy and numbers of people connected to it defines the success in terms of income generating and popularity.


Both vlogging and blogging can be used for making money by creating and sharing extremely powerful content. In case of blog we just write the content and in vlog we just create a video and post it and that is the basic difference between both of them.

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