Arsenal vs Liverpool 2020

Arsenal vs. Liverpool Highlights:

Football season is back after a long break, and it all started with Arsenal vs. Liverpool match in the Premier League. It is the mistakes of Virgil van Dijk and Alisson Becker that led to the win of Arsenal in the match. Both the players gave a win of 2-1 to Arsenal, and that broke the dreams of Liverpool to become the winner.

Arsenal vs. Liverpool

Some significant errors from Liverpool’s top players gave the win in the hands of Arsenal. Both the teams initially started well to play on the field. Saido Mane scored a goal after 20 minutes of the game. But the happiness of Liverpool did not remain for a long time as Alexandre Lacazette scored a goal for Arsenal soon at 32 minutes. Both the teams balanced the game at 32 minutes. Reiss Nelson conquered another goal immediately, and this again made Arsenal stronger than Liverpool.

Errors of Liverpool Become the Win for Arsenal:

Liverpool team, was all prepared to perform on the field energetically. But Roberto Firmino sent the ball in the wrong direction. The errors of Liverpool had also made the worst situations in one of the matches of the year 2019.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Virgil van Dijk, Liverpool defender stated that his team gifted goals to Arsenal. He also said that the players of Liverpool team had put a lot of pressure on the opposite side but ended up giving them two goals. In his further speech, Virgil said that they played very badly in today’s match.

He further told the media that all the players, including him, gave unnecessary goals to Arsenal. Apart from that, the defender of Liverpool readily accepted his team’s mistakes for their defeat. He took the blame on himself and stated that the team wouldperform better in the next match.

Statement of Arsenal Manager:

The memorable match increased the happy moments of the Arsenal team. The head coach of the Arsenal team,MikelArteta, told the media that it was a very happy moment for the team to win in the Premier League. He also said that his team had full energy to play well on the ground. In his further speech, Mikel said that this football match was the best medicine before the semi-final match.

Arsenal team had luck with them, and this made them the winners of the match. Mikel said that there was less chance for the win, but the Arsenal team came back with force. Appreciating the energy and fighting spirit of the Liverpool team, the head coach of the Arsenal team said that both the teams were good on the field.

Arsenal team still needs to be improved, and it is a challenge. MikelArteta stresses on the bigger squad to win in the competition. He also opened up that some players need rest before a semifinal match. Nicholas Pepe is back in the team with the same position that he had in a match against Tottenham.

Statement of Liverpool Manager

After the big defeat of Liverpool team, the manager of the team JurgenKlopp opened up in the media. When he was asked about main reason for the defeat, Jurgen told that the team took a break at 1-0. This disturbed the mental focus of the team.

JurgenKlopp also said that there were no real chances for the Arsenal team to win in the game. But the mistakes of his team allowedthe Arsenal team to score goals and win at the end. He said in his speech that the long break affected the concentration of the Liverpool team. Liverpool team had bad moments in the previous matches, but this game gave them punishment.

Taking a bit of positive side for his team Liverpool, the manager JurgenKlopp said that this match taught them a good lesson. He also said confidently that Liverpool would learn from these errors. The defeat was a good lesson for the team to concentrate on the game better.

Changes in Both the Teams:

Some changes occurred in Liverpool as well as Arsenal teams. Liverpool team removed two of its players Williams and Jones. It selected Oxlade-Chamberlain and Alexander-Arnold in the team for today’s match.

The arsenal team madefive changes in the team. It removed five players from the team. They include Kolasinac, Mustafi, Ceballos, Aubameyang, and Bellerin. Instead of these players, the five other players were selected. They include Torreira, Holding, Nelson, Saka, and Cedric. These changes areapplied, keeping in mind the semi-final match against Manchester City on Saturday.

Performance of Alexandre Lacazette:

It was because of the best performance of AlexandreLacazette that the Arsenal team won the match. He received such title of Man of the Match for taking the opportunity from the opposite team and making the goals. It became the happiest moment for AlexandreLacazette to win this title.

Interesting Facts about Arsenal and Liverpool teams:

1. It is the first time when Arsenal defeats the Liverpool team in the Premier League. This happened last in the year 2015 with the win of Arsenal and a score of 4-1.

2. Arsenal won for the first time in the Premier League in the day. It lost five matches in the past before tonight.

3. This is the first time when Liverpool scored the goal first and lost in the game. It also scored first in the year 2017.

4. Virgil Dijk made a similar error in the match of March 2019 and that gifted goal to Fulham. His error gifted goal to the Arsenal team.

Upcoming Semi-Final Match:

It is not over for the Arsenal team with a win in today’s match. The semi-final match of the Premier League is scheduled for Saturday. Arsenal is gearing up to play well against Manchester City. The team will then visit Aston Villa on July 21, and the final match will take place in Watford, July 26.

Final words:

The football fans are waiting eagerly for the two football giants to clash each other this Saturday. You can catch the live matches of the Premier league on any sports channels.

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