Ivanka Trump Promotes Can of Goya Beans .

Ivanka Trump Promotes Goya Beans, draws criticism.

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump has come in the attention of the media with her product promotion. It has been less than 24 hours when Ivanka endorsed a can of Goya beans. This news is spreading like fire, not only in the United States but all over the globe. On Tuesday night, the daughter of the U.S. president promoted a product of Goya Foods, a famous Hispanic U.S. food giant.

It is not just an endorsement that Ivanka Trump did for Goya beans but also shared an image of it on her Twitter account. This news picked up the fire in various states of the United States, and people began to criticize her for this act.

This news became the major topic of discussion since the company’s President appreciated U.S. President Trump for his leadership. Many people disagree with the statement of Robert Unanue, President of Goya Foods.

Goya Foods and its Background

Goya Foods is one of the most successful brands of the United States, running for 84 years. It is operating in many states of the United States, Spain, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. Unanue family owns Goya Foods. It established in the year 1936 in New York City, United States.

This company has around 4,000 employees and earns a yearly revenue of $1.5 billion. The main products of Goya Foods include items of Cuban, Spanish, South American, Mexican, and Caribbean dishes. Moreover, the company sells goods in many other countries of the world.

Goya Foods

Further, this company is the 355th biggest private company in the United States. Apart from commercial activities, the company is actively involved with many charity organizations and institutions. It also offers donations to many food banks.

According to one of the reports, the company gave more than 300,000 pounds of food in the form of donations during the recent pandemic crises.

Comments of the Company President

Robert Unanue, the co-owner, and CEO of Goya Foods, said that the country has a good leader like Donald Trump. He appreciated the leadership of President Trump in one of the roundtable conferences of July 2020. Robert also made a comparison between Trump and his grandfather, who started Goya Foods.

In his speech, Robert Unanue stated how his grandfather migrated from Spain and started Goya Foods. He also appreciated Trump’s leadership and wished that the country prospers in the coming years.

The positive comments of Unanue gave the rise of boycotts for his brand Goya Foods from the public. Later, the company president termed the boycotts as the way to stop the speech.

Violation of Federal laws:

Critics slammed Ivanka Trump to break the federal laws. According to critics, the employee cannot use his/her government title to make endorsements or product promotions. This act by Ivanka was called an act of violation of federal laws by the critics.

In reply to the comments of critics, the spokeswoman of White House supported Ivanka Trump for this act. She told me that Ivanka has the full right to express her opinions. The spokeswoman Carolina Hurley also supported Goya Foods and Trump administration. Hurley said that this administration has always worked for the betterment of the Hispanic community.

As the moment Ivanka Trump shared her picture on Twitter, the people mocked her with all the negative comments. Some of the hashtags started appearing on Twitter this act of the President’s daughter. Apart from that, the users on Twitter used various memes and animated posts to oppose the act.

Attempt to support Latinos:

Since Goya Foods has a great influence on Latin culture, the people state that this act by Ivanka Trump is a political one. Many of them stated that it is purely a political stance to support Latinos. It is not the first time that Trump’s Family endorsed the product. It also happened in the past that White House officials opened up to the news channel about Ivanka’s stuff. Trump gave an advertisement for one of his resorts at the White House.

People say that the Trump family has violated federal laws several times. They have made promotion for the product and endorsements as well.

Slogan by Ivanka Trump:

Ivanka Trump wore a white dress in the show of Goya Foods. She said that if it is Goya, then it is good. She also gave translated the slogan in Spanish Language and shared it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The U.S Attorney of Alabama also criticized the act stating that the act is not at all ethical. Some higher authorities slammed Trump and his leadership.

According to one of the sources, Donald Trump attended a show and posted its photo on the social media site. The photo shows that he is sitting in the office, and products of Goya Foods are on the front of the desk. Trump is also showing two thumbs-up, and it shows that he supports Goya Foods.

The matter became all the more controversial when Trump and chief executive of Goya Foods met to make a deal. According to one of the reports, this order is signed to introduce more educational opportunities for Hispanic Americans. Some reports also state this deal aims to open more employment opportunities for the Hispanic community.

The communication director of CREW also poured criticisms on Ivanka’s act of product promotion. He said that such acts are the misuse of Government position and title. The government ethics do not apply to the Trump administration, and these are the words of Jordan Libowitz.

Jordan Libowitz stated that their team plans to make a complaint about Ivanka’s tweet to the Office of Ethics. One of the U.S house candidates stated that Trump administration is corrupted in the Spanish language.

Some libertarian parties and common people said that this product promotion symbolizes the war between two races. They also said that the Trump Administration must do something worthy instead of promoting beans.

After this product promotion, it is clear that people in the United States are not happy with it. They oppose Goya Foods and its products and spread the message of the boycott.

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